Paklenica Home of Gods

Paklenica Home of Gods

Mountains are the home of Gods, they are sacred places, symbols of nations. Velebit is the mountain with amazing beauty and diversity, it stretches between sea and continent as a natural border and kind of shield between sea and mainland. Velebit is, due to its magnificence, one of the Croatian national symbols; it appears in the patriotic song "Vila Velebit". 

Velebit is the richest and most interesting landscape in Croatia. It's amazing beauty, unbreakable bond with the crystal clear Adriatic sea and many endemic species growing there earned Velebit a place in the UNESCO program. The entire area of Velebit was declared as a nature park, and its landscapes are protected as national parks, strict reserves and nature monuments. 

Paklenica was proclaimed a national park in 1949. because of its vast forests, geomorphologic structures and natural features. The main goal of proclaiming this area a national park was to protect the largest and best preserved forest complex in Dalmatia, which was overexploited by that time. It covers the area of 95 km2, under the zone of highest mountain peaks Vaganski vrh(1757 m) and Sveto brdo(1753 m).

Many marked trails and paths are arranged for hikers, which connect the longitudinal and transverse surrounding villages and mountain huts.

 If you want to experience something different, go where not many have been, Paklenica is the right choice for you! Hike some of the many trails, explore endemic species, enjoy the nature and stillness that Velebit offers. It is a rare place in the world that offers untouched nature, amazing view of islands beneath, fresh air and the sky that is as close as it gets! ​



Velebit the mountain

Feel the  wilderness of Velebit , strong mountain power, see its indescribable landscapes, special plants that are growing everywhere. Sleep in nature under the starry sky, connect with the mother Earth…and yourself, and the amazing  magical world of Mountain.

In this three days, you will enjoy the nature and silence, meditate and talk, sing and walk…just charge your senses with miracle energy. 

  • South Velebit 3 days – National Park Paklenica - zone of the highest mountain peak – Vaganski vrh 1757m

South Velebit stretches from Ostarije saddle (927m), till Mali Alan saddle (1045m). It is 46km long what makes it the longest part of Velebit, wide around 15km. The land side of South Velebit is steep, slopes mostly fall from peaks to Lika plateau, where they end like being cut off. But on the stretch below highest peaks of Velebit, at the altitude around 1200m, continental step appears. It contains series of beautiful meadows and fields.

Day 1. Meeting point is at the entrance of National park Paklenica in the afternoon hours. Hiking to the beautiful stone house Ramića dvori. After lunch, there will be optional one hour walk to the ruins of small stone villages. Also for those who want to experience the adventure in the magical world of plants, there will be wild edible and medicinal plants workshop held at the spot. In the evening time, we relax, have dinner and enjoy ourselves a bit more. Overnight at the stone house Ramića dvori.

Day 2After having breakfast in the still and beautiful center of Paklenica we start hiking to Velebit's highest peak - Vaganski vrh(1757 m). Around noon, we arrive at the peak and enjoy amazing views of the surrounding peaks, especially the peak of Holy hill, green inland, and sea. Here we take a rest, have lunch and take pictures as much as we want. Then we continue to Babin kuk(1431 m) where we also experience beautiful views of the sea and islands. After short rest, we head back to the Ramića dvori. Through socializing with our kind and charming host, you will be able to feel the true vibe of Velebit mountain. Overnight at the stone house Ramića dvori.

Day 3On the last day of our adventure, we will completely indulge our senses. After taking an easy two-hour walk to the entrance, we’re heading to family farm Marasović. Here we will please our taste buds with autochthonous homemade products. After filling our bellies with delicious food and drinks, we exchange our contact numbers and e-mails with everyone in the group and say goodbye ‘till the next adventure :)

Stone house Ramića dvori - preserved old stone house in the beautiful mountain environment. Sleeping is in common rooms. Beautiful terrace with the view of Paklenica canyon.







Prices per person: 150 euros 

Dates of travelling: on request

Dates can be modified due to weather conditions on Velebit! 

Price includes

  • Licensed guides all the time according to the program
  • 2 overnights in mountain lodge in common rooms 
  • Entrance to national park
  • one traditional meal (dinner) on the second day of the trip 


Price does NOT include

  • Meals during the trip or food supply - time and places for meals are provided
  • Workshop – wild edible and medicinal plant course
  • All extra expenses made by Guest


WORKSHOP ON THE SPOT -The wild edible and medicinal plants course - Join us in this fun and educational adventure in the world of plants!

Most of the plants we are going to see are edible and have healing properties. They can be used in teas, tinctures, infusions, decoctions, balms, as cooking spices, salads. In this course, you will learn how to use them for medicinal purposes, as an emergency survival foods, for expanding your culinary knowledge and using fresh wild plants for first aid situations. You will also learn plant identification, ethical harvesting techniques and preserving wild edibles.

Dear travellers have in mind:

- these three-day journeys are designed strictly as an adventure, for nature lovers and those who will become ones

- the route is not especially demanding but hiking is planned for every day most of the day with pauses for meals and resting

-sleeping is at the stone house Ramića dvori, in a common dormitory with other travellers 

- comfortable shoes and clothing which are adapted for hiking are required together with warmer clothing due to lower temperatures during the night

-during the day, it is good to carry water and some food with you – regarding that you will get all needed instructions from agency and guide before departure

-carry just necessary equipment

- it is necessary to follow mountain guide instructions and everybody will be happy! 

- the timetable is no commitment to the agency, it is subject to change and it depends on many factors on the field



General notes:

  • Tour operator  is Neobična putovanja d.o.o., travel agency
  • Tour operator  reserves the right to change the specific content of the program
  • Tour operator  is not authorized and does not evaluate probity of travel and other documents
  • For all verbally given information agency does not hold responsibility
  • Signatory of the Travel Contract or representative of the group is obligated to present travel program, terms of payment and general terms and conditions for traveling with Neobična putovanja
  • Travelers are obligated to check exact time and place of departure.
  • Traveler is obligated to be familiar with the rules of  behavior of the country and to respect laws of the custom service
  • During transport in buses and minibusses, it is forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs
  • Travelers are obligated to stay in the buses on spots which are not predicted for a break (borders, checkpoint stations, pay tolls etc.) in a case of leaving the bus on these spots without previous agreement with tour guide traveler will bear consequences and all the costs he makes.
  • Passenger whose behavior is inadequate and disturbs other passengers or disrupts the drivers or tour guide in work will be immediately excluded from the trip and all the responsibility passes to him, without the right to appeal and refund
  • The passenger is obliged to respect the timetable given by the representatives of travel agencies, otherwise, a representative of the agency has the right to exclude passengers from traveling
  • The toilets are out of use in buses; in accordance with the program, breaks will take place in every 3-4 hours (depending on the location and equipment of gas stations)  so travelers can use of toilets on the stops.
  • The Agency determines the seating arrangement, the meeting point of departure, places and length of the breaks during the trip; by paying the transportation, the passenger accepts all of the above, without the right to object and appeal
  • In case of insufficient number of passengers for the realization of the arrangement or other objective circumstances, the agency informs passengers about the cancellation of the arrangement no later than 7 days before the departure date for multi day trips and 2 days before the departure date for day trips
  • For arrangements that include transport by plane, after buying the air tickets it is impossible to refund and in this case conditions of airlines are applied
  • In the arrangement involving the transport of low-cost airlines, in the case of a flight delay, cancellation or loss of connection passengers are required to pay their the newly created  costs and agency can not influence the circumstances that are beyond its scope
  • The low-cost arrangement price is susceptible to change and after the deposit is paid rates are checked and then price is confirmed to the passenger  
  • The Agency is not responsible for the changes in air connection done by airline company
  • The Agency reserves the right to select the means of transport for transfers and does them to the accommodation if it is physically possible
  • The tour operator reserves the right to change the agreed price before the trip due to changes in currency exchange rates or changes in the tariffs of the carrier and in cases prescribed by law
  •  For this arrangement apply Agency TERMS AND CONDITIONS
  • Notes concerning accommodation:
  • The tour operator, NEOBIČNA PUTOVANJA reserves the right to schedule the rooms, according to the structure of room accommodation facility; if possible, the agency tries to meet the wishes of passengers (please understand, since this is a journey of fun and adventure)
  • The accommodation facilities are entered on the first day of stay in accordance with the rules of the accommodation facility. The most common check-in is in the afternoon (14h or 15h), a check-out is on the last day of stay usually until 10h or 11h.
  • Descriptions of accommodation are informative only. For possible deviations and quality of services in the accommodation facilities, a tour operator is not responsible, because it depends solely on accommodation staff.
  • Some of the additional content of accommodation facility are available at extra cost. There is a possibility of variations and changes concerning the availability of certain content, it solely depends on the properties (eg. Safety deposit box, parking, mini-bar, TV, air conditioning ...)
  • The passenger is obliged to respect the rules of accommodation facility and bears sole responsibility due to sanctions by the staff of accommodation facility

Notes regarding optional trips:

  • Optional trips are not obligatory
  • Dates and prices of optional trips are variable and depend on the terms of free seats, the number of registered passengers and objective circumstances