National parks and cities

National parks and cities

We’re taking you on an adventure that’s bursting with culture and nature, into the crowded cities filled with laughter of happy and satisfied travelers and we’re ending this unique trip by seeking peace and quiet in the beauty of Croatian lakes, islands and the mesmerizing Adriatic Sea.

This trip offers you insight into the Croatian contrast of continental living vs. seaside chill. Your guide will show you places you couldn’t find on your own, you will meet interesting people and get to know a little about the Croatian way of life. We have many surprises stored for you!

Our first stop is Zagreb, the capital. Zagreb, an old charmer, will sweep you of your feet. It offers something for everyone, interesting museums, cool little cafes where you will get to know the Croatian culture of coffee drinking, bikers passing down tram trails, flower market in the main square, canon ball marking the noon and so much more! We’ll have a coffee at the main square, talk about the history of this lovely city and learn the way Croatians chill while watching the world goes by ;)

Just two hours from Zagreb, Heaven on Earth! National Park Plitvice, settled between mountain massive, with 16 lakes filled with crystal blue-green water, connected with cascades and waterfalls. After chaotic Zagreb, we will become one with the nature. Explore the lakes , admire the amazing waterfalls, and take some amazing photos from our boat ride. In 1949, UNESCO declared Plitvice lakes as World Heritage, amongst first sights to be declared in the world. . In surrounding of Plitvice is also one small water mill village that we will visit as well. After a long walk, we will satisfy our hunger with freshly prepared trout in a traditional restaurant. Zen and chill all day long.

Zrmanja River, one of the most beautiful in Europe, offers 14.5km long rafting route! Even though it seems as an easy task, do not be fooled, because the end of the route is spiced up with numerous waterfalls, cascades and rapids. Prepare to get wet, with a must-have accessories, smile and determination to make it to the end!

Town Zadar, urban center of Central Dalmatia, with rich cultural heritage: historical monuments, churches and culture monuments of all construction styles. With just an easy stroll down the historic city center, you will see all these historical monuments. After the overwhelming city walk, we will find a place to chill on the riva as we listen to the unique melody produced by the first sea organs in the world.

Kornati archipelago is consisted of 150 islands, small and big ones. This is an island paradise. Have an insight into the untouched nature of sea cliffs reaching up to 80m, dry walls on every island, small old churches and the way people used to live here hundreds of years ago. Take a swim in crystal clear waters of Lojena beach, carved into the land with a breath-taking viewpoint of the whole beach. Sunsets you’ll see here will surely be the ones you’ll remember long after your visit to Croatia. 

So far we’ve seen cities, waterfalls, islands, the sea… But Croatia has even more to offer! It’s time for some mountain air, forest vibe and mountain walk paths! National Park Paklenica is a nature’s gift to Croatia! With its amazing forest life, hiking paths and the view of the sea it offers, it’s something we can’t miss on this trip! Climb its 1757 meters high peak and take a deep breath, as it is one of the best ones you’ll ever take! 

Our tour of National park Krka starts from the waterfall Skradiniski buk, one of the most beautiful in the entire park. Island Visovac is a tiny island in the Krka River. In 1445 Franciscan monastery was built here and it stands still even today, as does the little charming church. We will visit the monastery and feel the peace and energy this little island has to offer. To spice this tour up, we’ll end it with a chain of 12 waterfalls, biggest one being 22.5m high and named Roški Slap

Still under the impression of waterfall sounds and whole Krka canyon experience, we continue our trip to the city of Šibenik. Šibenik is settled in the mouth of river Krka under the fort of St. Mihovil which arises above the city. After we explore the historical city centre, we will get lost in the narrow stone streets in the search for the best food Dalmatian konoba can offer. But slowly, Dalmatians will say, and we will be sure to follow their advice. 

The most beautiful girls, the best cuisine, the most beautiful sea! That’s how inhabitants of Split describe their hometown. And they are right! Historical center of Split - Diocletians palace is under the UNESCO register. Palace fused with the city and the every day’s rhythm of its inhabitants. Take just a few steps down streets of Split and you will get to experience street entertainers or “klapa” singing traditional songs. Join them, dance and sing with them to experience Dalmatia as it really is!

Take a trip with us down history lane, touch and explore the ancient architecture surrounding you and let yourself feel the vibe this city offers!  

The noise of different vessels that just wait to float into the sea, people, suitcases, bags… the patchwork of morning madness is here! Through the morning crowds, while it is still not too hot, we are departing for island Hvar. Hvar, island loved among celebrities. Sunshine paradise, crowded with tourists, great clubs, summer music and great atmosphere! This Croatian jewel has a lot to offer, amazing beaches, old historical town, beautiful cathedral, crystal blue sea and maybe a picture with Beyonce or Jay – Z, who knows! Take a stroll down city center with us, and then award yourself with a tasty coffee in the shade of some of the many chic bars Hvar has to offer.

Adrenalin junkies, we haven’t forgotten about you either! For all of you out there willing to have some adrenalin fun, there’s a Zip-line adventure near Omiš! Zip-line is based over Cetina River, 150m high, with 8 steel spirals, taking you through air above the Cetina River, with breathtaking view of its landscape! For those willing to get to know the river, there’s also canoeing. Explore the waterfalls, caves, and take a swim in cold river waters. After the adventure, we will explore the rich pirate history of Omiš, town carved into the Cetina River canyon. 






National parks and cities

Welcome to our green, adrenaline pumped adventure, with a touch of rich cultural heritage and a welcoming smile from every local you will encounter. In just seven days we will visit four National parks, four gorgeous cities on continent and along the coast, two islands and taste all senses of Croatia and its beauties! This arrangement is designed to combine both, continental part of Croatia and the sea area. Even though Croatia is a small country, it has various different landscapes and our goal is to connect them all together in this unique tour! It is impossible to discover everything it has to offer in just few days, but we created a trip that is as close to the impossible as it can get.

Day 1. Zagreb

Arrival in Zagreb. Our tour guide will wait for us in the hostel with a welcome drink, so we could all get to know each other, relax and start our adventure! After accommodation in the hostel, we have a tour around Zagreb with our guide who lives here for years and knows every little secret about Zagreb life. We’ll take a walk around the city center and hear stories, facts, myths and legends about the city, its historical characters, celebrities and all about the culture of living in Zagreb. Evening is reserved for tasty dinner and hanging in one of the many bars in crowded city center. Overnight in hostel. Zagreb.

Day. 2.Plitvice National Park

Departure from Zagreb towards National Park Plitvice Lakes in morning hours. Arrival to Plitvice where we’ll visit the most beautiful parts of the park, take a ride with a train and cruise by little boat around the lakes and waterfalls, enjoy the stunning nature and realize why Plitvice Lake are world known attraction! Afterwards  we’re continuing with exploring this area and visiting one small place Rastoke, nearby Plitvice. Rastoke are small watermill village.  When the night falls we’ll be heading to one of the local restaurant where tasty trout will be waiting for us. Overnight in hostel. Plitvice

Day 3.Kaštel Žegarski - Zadar

Early, straight after breakfast, is time to hit the road! Day full of adventure is in front of us – rafting on Zrmanja River! We’re driving towards Kaštel Žegarski village while enjoying the beautiful scenery – wild nature, small hidden villages, lakes and mountains. As in a real adventure spirit, if we found something interesting, we are stopping by to explore it! After arriving to Kaštel Žegarski instructor will give us short introduction and all required equipment so our adventure could begin! In the late afternoon we are leaving for Zadar. Sharing impressions from unforgettable rafting untill Zadar and Adriatic Sea sights leave us speechless. Getting out and getting to know this little picturesque city where everything is within the reach, with its unique attractions , first in the world Sea Organ and Sun Salutation. Overnight in hostel. Zadar.

Day 4. Zadar- Kornati

Waking up in the morning excited because of the day in front of us – sailing, sea, sun and beach! We’re heading to the Mediterranean heaven – Kornati Island. National park Kornati is  archipelago of nearly 150 island and cliffs, all untouched by the hand of civilisation. While we are still sleepy, trying to rub the dream off of our eyes, our ship will sail into the deep blue sea. The surrounding is breath-taking: amazing depth and gigantic cliffs that are emerging out of blueness, drystone walls, sheep searching for a shade. We are jumping from the boat into the crystal clear sea and spending the rest of the day on a little sandy beach. Chilled, relaxed and tanned we are returning back to Zadar. We can spend the evening easily cruising on the Zadar streets, stopping only for authentic fish meal and a glass of wine. Overnight in hostel. Zadar

Day 5. Zadar -Paklenica

Day for relaxation. Waking up late and spending the day in a Dalmatian way – easily, without hurry. For those with extra energy we’ve planned another trip! It takes only 40min by car from Zadar to reach National Park Paklenica. Park occupies the area of 95km2, south slopes of Velebit Mountain, under the highest peaks of 1757 meters. In this extraordinary place you’ll find various flora and fauna species, black pine woods, beech woods, deep canyons with rivers and creeks… After a long walk reward is waiting for us – breath-taking view of the mountains and the sea! In the mountain house we will have lunch, traditional meal prepared under the bell. After we filled our body with positive energy and lungs with fresh air, we’re ready to get back to Zadar where the night has just started. Overnight in hoste. Zadar.

Day  6.  Krka Šibenik Split

In the morning, after breakfast, we’re packing our things and hitting the road in southbound direction towards Nacional Park Krka. It takes about an hour to get there. Krka River flows through the 75 kilometers long canyon and creates powerful noisy waterfalls, with remarkable Skradinski buk. From there we’re reaching our next stop - tiny island Visovac where small church, monastery and museum are situated. We’ll spend around half an hour here to enjoy peace and quiet of this little island and then continue towards the Roški Waterfalls. Once again, magnificent surroundings are leaving us breathless! After about 4 hours of Krka adventure we’re leaving for Šibenik. In only 15 minutes we’re in the city center of this historical town, where we’re visiting world famous Cathedral of St. James, built out of only one material – stone. In the late afternoon we’ll seek for a nice place in the shadow where we can rest and enjoy one of the world’s best cuisine. Before the sunset we’re saying goodbye to Šibenik and are looking forward to our next destination – Split! If we feel like it, we’ll make a stop for a short drink or swim. Arrival in Split in the evening. Overnight in hostel. Split

Day 7.  Split Hvar

Split is the biggest town on Adriatic coastline. Not only the biggest, but also the most beautiful, the best, not only in Croatia, but in the whole world – according to inhabitants of Split. And we’ll make sure they’re right! It has everything: enviable architectural beauty, monuments dating from middle ages all to the modern era. The fish market and bazaar in center of the town between monuments give special charm to the city, just like the port and promenade that are always crowded with people. Something is always going on in Split – festivals, modern stores, old retro shops, bars, restaurants… Be prepared, somebody will try to joke with you, to tell you a story, hug you, sing to you or just move aside so you could pass, and you couldn’t resist to become a part of it! This synergy is amazing and we are all a part of it!

Early in the morning we are departing for Hvar. Why the worldwide celebrities are coming to Hvar and why the best parties are placed here? We will investigate all the rumors, visit Old town, fortress, old Hvar’s theatre, watch thousands of ships sailing into and out of the port… in the rhythm of the good music beat we’re exploring the whole island and taking a swim at the best spot on the island. At the evening we’re leaving this sunny paradise and heading back to Split. The adventure is not over yet . Overnight in the hostel. Split  

Day 8. Split Omiš

 Last day is reserved for adrenaline fun! In the morning, departure for Omiš, half an hour away from Split. Specialized zip-line instructors will explain us all the details and we’re ready to go! This “flying” over river Cetina lasts around 3 hours, depending on the number of participants.  We will descend down the steel wire rope, on the height of 150 meters, altogether 1200 meters long, with beautiful surroundings. For those who want different way of fun we can arrange canyoning. Great combination of adventure and fun, swimming, jumping, diving in Cetina River. After we fill our organism with adrenaline, we’re ready for a bit more relaxing afternoon. It’s time to visit city of Omiš. Omiš has rich pirate history dating since 12 century, which is still visible on city’s monuments and fortress above the city. City of Omiš is literally cut in mouth of the Cetina River, belt with the huge natural cliffs and it’s definitely one of the places on Adriatic coast worth visiting.

If we’ve forgot to visit something in Split or we just want to buy an extra souvenir for our dearest, now is the time to do so!

Our trip has come to the end; we are leaving for our homes with wide smile on our faces, beautiful memories in our heads and waiting for the next year and another Tribe adventure! We will be waiting for you!












































Price of arrangement per person:

From  790,00 euros

tour is organized for smaller groups

Tour dates:  16.05 - 23.05  ,  14.06.- 20.06. , 27.06.- 03.07., 25.07.-31.07, 04.08-10.08., 05.09.-11.09, 

Price of Arrangement includes

  • Organisation and guiding according to plan and programme
  • Overnight in multi bedrooms – dorms* in hostels and breakfast according to programme
  • Excursions:  Plitvice National park, Rafting* on river  Zrmanja, excursion on Krka National park, excursion on National park Kornati, excursion on island  Hvar
  • Transfers according to the programme

Price of arrangement does NOT include:

  • Excursion on Paklenica, zipline/canyoning in Omiš which are optional
  • Other meals ( except breakfast )
  • Tickets  for museums, galleries and cultural monuments
  • All other activities which are planned by Guest and are not part of the programme
  • Return:Split is our last stop, transfer back to Zagreb costs 13 euros per person

Optional  ( non obligatory) excursion on request: canyoning, free climbing, paraglide, skydiving, bungeejumping



 is in hostels or apartments , in mix dorm bedrooms and most of the time with shared bathrooms. Accommodation depends on group configuration, but on youre request agency can provide different configuration of room if there is possibility . Best way is to contact us and we will workout details together and and find the option that is acceptable for all.


is the sort of facility ( board) for people who do not need a special comfort. Rooms are generaly less spacious with more beds, bathroom is usualy shared.


is made by the tourist van with aircondition


*On  Zrmanja, different kind of boats can be used, for bigger comfort and safety. Two persons kayaks are stabile and easy to manage, and we use them during the summer, when water level is low (category I – II*). During the high water levels (autumn, spring), we use raft boats (for 8 to 10 people). 

Each kayak is equipped with waterproof bag (for dry clothes, food, camera etc.). You will get a helmet and a PFD, which are required. Depending of a weather conditions, we will provide additional equipment for lower temperatures – neoprene suits. 
*Categories: I-II: June, July, August – canoe safari
III – IV: April, May, September, October - rafting
Recommended personal equipment:
Bring sturdy shoes, sneakers or similar sports shoes, T – shirt, swim suit, sunscreen, sandwich and refreshing drink. Optional – hat, camera, towel.
Please note that the program can be changed depending on weather conditions, group abilities, level of water etc. For client’s safety we reserve the right to change program without prior notice. 


Payment terms:

 Payment must be made immediately upon confirmation of the reservation, 30% of the total amount immediately upon confirmation of the reservation, while the rest of the payment of 70% of the amount should be paid at least 21 days before the beginning of the service. If booking is made within 21 days from the beginning of the service  than payment must be made immediately upon reservation. Booking fee must be paid per every reservation 5 euros and it is non refundable in any case. 

  • payment can be made in euros or other currency on following account  IBAN HR5624840081106212173  Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d.
  • confirmation of payment  will be sent on valid e mail adresse
  • transfer expensess will be covered by the customer fully

Registrations / reservations

  • we reccomend early reservations due to limited number of participants
  • upon reservation it is obligate to send a scanned the first page of the passport ( page with the picture)
  • upon contacting agency traveller will get all needed forms and informations


General notes:

  • Tour operator  is Neobična putovanja d.o.o., travel agency
  • Tour operator  reserves the right to change the specific content of the program
  • Tour operator  is not authorized and does not evaluate probity of travel and other documents
  • For all verbally given information agency does not hold responsibility
  • Signatory of the Travel Contract or representative of the group is obligated to present travel program, terms of payment and general terms and conditions for traveling with Neobična putovanja
  • Travelers are obligated to check exact time and place of departure.
  • Traveler is obligated to be familiar with the rules of  behavior of the country and to respect laws of the custom service
  • During transport in buses and minibusses, it is forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs
  • Travelers are obligated to stay in the buses on spots which are not predicted for a break (borders, checkpoint stations, pay tolls etc.) in a case of leaving the bus on these spots without previous agreement with tour guide traveler will bear consequences and all the costs he makes.
  • Passenger whose behavior is inadequate and disturbs other passengers or disrupts the drivers or tour guide in work will be immediately excluded from the trip and all the responsibility passes to him, without the right to appeal and refund
  • The passenger is obliged to respect the timetable given by the representatives of travel agencies, otherwise, a representative of the agency has the right to exclude passengers from traveling
  • The toilets are out of use in buses; in accordance with the program, breaks will take place in every 3-4 hours (depending on the location and equipment of gas stations)  so travelers can use of toilets on the stops.
  • The Agency determines the seating arrangement, the meeting point of departure, places and length of the breaks during the trip; by paying the transportation, the passenger accepts all of the above, without the right to object and appeal
  • In case of insufficient number of passengers for the realization of the arrangement or other objective circumstances, the agency informs passengers about the cancellation of the arrangement no later than 7 days before the departure date for multi day trips and 2 days before the departure date for day trips
  • For arrangements that include transport by plane, after buying the air tickets it is impossible to refund and in this case conditions of airlines are applied
  • In the arrangement involving the transport of low-cost airlines, in the case of a flight delay, cancellation or loss of connection passengers are required to pay their the newly created  costs and agency can not influence the circumstances that are beyond its scope
  • The low-cost arrangement price is susceptible to change and after the deposit is paid rates are checked and then price is confirmed to the passenger  
  • The Agency is not responsible for the changes in air connection done by airline company
  • The Agency reserves the right to select the means of transport for transfers and does them to the accommodation if it is physically possible
  • The tour operator reserves the right to change the agreed price before the trip due to changes in currency exchange rates or changes in the tariffs of the carrier and in cases prescribed by law
  •  For this arrangement apply Agency TERMS AND CONDITIONS
  • Notes concerning accommodation:
  • The tour operator, NEOBIČNA PUTOVANJA reserves the right to schedule the rooms, according to the structure of room accommodation facility; if possible, the agency tries to meet the wishes of passengers (please understand, since this is a journey of fun and adventure)
  • The accommodation facilities are entered on the first day of stay in accordance with the rules of the accommodation facility. The most common check-in is in the afternoon (14h or 15h), a check-out is on the last day of stay usually until 10h or 11h.
  • Descriptions of accommodation are informative only. For possible deviations and quality of services in the accommodation facilities, a tour operator is not responsible, because it depends solely on accommodation staff.
  • Some of the additional content of accommodation facility are available at extra cost. There is a possibility of variations and changes concerning the availability of certain content, it solely depends on the properties (eg. Safety deposit box, parking, mini-bar, TV, air conditioning ...)
  • The passenger is obliged to respect the rules of accommodation facility and bears sole responsibility due to sanctions by the staff of accommodation facility

Notes regarding optional trips:

  • Optional trips are not obligatory
  • Dates and prices of optional trips are variable and depend on the terms of free seats, the number of registered passengers and objective circumstances