Island hopping Brac Hvar Vis

Island hopping Brac Hvar Vis

Brač – the island of nature and beauty. Most of you know Brač for its famous beach, Zlatni rat that is featured in so many Croatian postcards. But there’s a lot more to this amazing island. Join us in this adventure, and let’s explore Brač’s stone villages, pine forests, macchia and rocky ground! After we’ve walked around, gotten ourselves some muscle pain, we’ll enjoy some amazing local wine, amazing olive oil, and freshly caught fish. Allow yourself to travel in time and get to know the island life as it once used to be! 

Welcome to Hvar, an ancient island with the rich history. Welcome to the sunniest Croatian island that will make you feel as you entered a fairy tale! Lavender, rosemary and heather fields decorate it’s interior, while the sun bathes it’s coast all year long! Hvar is known for its luxurious lifestyle and many celebrities choose Hvar as their vacation spot. On this island, everything is possible whether you want to be isolated on the beach reading your favorite book or walk on the main promenade and visit most popular parties. You will enjoy great local wines and amazing gastronomy of the island. Once you leave, it will be with a decision to come back as soon as possible! 

Vis - an island that is the farthest from the mainland, surrounded by a rich archipelago of smaller islands and islets. Island was isolated for over twenty years from tourism and practically from development, but it had gained untouched nature and the certain point of wilderness. Most important centers are Komiza - fisherman's village with its charming bohemian look and town Vis - the harbor, more urban and transit center. The coast of the island is sloped and separated, the island is  a paradise for finding hidden beaches. All along the coast of the Vis are numerous coves and bays .The most known attraction and the miracle of nature is the Blue Cave, on tiny island Bisevo. Driving across the island you will see miles of vineyards where some of the best-known wines in Croatia are produced and thanks to the living fishing tradition it is possible to taste the freshest seafood.




You always wanted to awaken the adventurer in yourself, to unchain and release that Robinson Crusoe who yearns for freedom! There are no more excuses! This is a chance to grab -  eleven days of pure nature, three astonishing islands in Adriatic sea, sleeping under stars every night, swimming in the gorgeous sea, hiking on the island's peaks, the workshop on the spot- about wild edible and medicinal plants and great adventure spirit! 

DAY 1. Split - Brac - Supetar - Bol camp 

It is morning and  sun is already strong, Split port is crowded, harbour smells of sea and salt, waves are crashing into the harbours walls and you have butterflies in your belly. Excited because of eleven days island hopping adventure. You already found your jungle guide - big contagious smile on his face reveals that everything will be more than perfect!  After introduction and brief instructions you will all get on the ferry to the island of Brac. In hour and the half of boat trip ,you were able to learn more about each other and destination you are about to visit. Upon arrival to Supetar on Brac we are heading across the island to the place Bol. it is situated on the southern coast of Brac and it is most known after Golden Cape beach which pebble cape stretches into the open sea and changes it's form according to the direction of the wind and waves. Bol is a beautiful, small place covered with long pedestrian area and miles of pebble beaches. You arrived in camp that is situated by the sea. Shades of pinetrees are pleasantly covering the sun's rays, light wind blows from the sea, this is an island of pure beauty. You are opening the tents but hardly wait to enter the blue tempting sea and leave all worries behind you. After lunch and activities, you will visit Dragon's cave at evening hours. Cave is named after the relief of dragon in it. It was a temple and dwelling of Glagolitic priests and it contains elements of Slavic mythology.You will be delighted by mystique of the cave. Evening falls and it's time to head back to the camp. Overnight in tents in the camp. 

DAY 2. Bol -Vidova Gora 

You are still unaware that you are on one of the most beautiful islands of the Adriatic, you can feel the smell of pine trees, grass, sea...we are all having breakfast early in the morning because of a long day in front of us! First top is about to be conquered ! The walk is more or less through the woods . Vidova Gora is the highest peak on the island of Brač and some call it queen among the peaks of Adriatic islands. For few hours we should be standing at the most beautiful, unique viewpoint to the south. Deep beneath us is Bol's Golden Cape gravel beach and the view stretches to the other islands and towns in area. Early awakening and hiking deserves proper refreshment in konoba nearby. Happy and belly full we are continuing our hike down the hill. Before noon we will reach the camp. Our sweet little camp offers many activities in which we can enjoy: windsurfing, beach volleyball, table tennis or If you are not in the mood for any of it, just take a good long swim. We will finish the day how we want - in good company around the camp fire, sing a song, or two...Overnight is in tents in the camp. 

DAY 3. Bol - Blaca Monastery and desert

A sip of coffee is a real cure to our early awakening and nature is the most beautiful in the morning so enjoying in such quietness is a real meditation. Today's sightseeing will be epic! The Blaca monastery was built in front of the cave below high cliffs and the first impression is as if it is growing out of stone. Frozen wilderness and harmony of this place simply overawe. We will hike about an hour to Blaca desert. Have sightseeing of this magnificent monastery, have a break for snack and refreshment and just absorb the indescribable scenery. It will still be morning while we'll be going back, so almost  the whole day is in front of us, reserved for fun. Those who want can join the Workshop - production of souvenirs of famous stone from Brac. Chill all day long! Overnight is in tents in camp.

DAY 4. Starigrad - tasting domestic products 

It is the last day on Bol's beach and lovely camp but so much more places are waiting to be discovered. We are packing things and catching the boat to the next island - Hvar. When we arrive it will be around noon, great time to have lunch and to avoid the strong midday sun. Starigrad is the center of Hvar, mixture of culture and nature beauties makes it an ideal destination for all kind of vacation tastes. Among long sandy beaches, we will pick the best one and spend the afternoon in lazy dalmatian rhythm. At the evening hours, we will visit one of the olive groves and taste popular autochthonous olive oil, vine, cheese and will be a gourmet's paradise! Tasting of domestic products requires long contemplation after. We'll set up tents and just relax, thinking about the wonderful day we spent. Overnight is in tents in camp.

DAY 5. Hvar - Jelsa - St's Nikola's peak

Morning swim is the best way to wake up. After morning refreshment and batteries recharging, we are going to Jelsa on island Hvar. Jelsa is a quiet  town surrounded by beautiful pine forests. The town is situated in the sweet little bay such as our camp. We will have lunch and afterward you can enjoy again in the sea and activities in the camp. Around late afternoon it's time to move on, another hiking adventure is ahead of us, the St. Nikola's peak,  It's the islands highest peak. By the road side to the top, there are  lavender fields, old walled terraces, and olive groves. As you go higher, the view gets more amazing. The top is clearly signed, and has a cross on top. We resume our magnificent views, and try to work out which islands are which. Sunset is amazing, the sun burns with its garish colors and all the islands and sea are bathing in magnificent spectra of colors. This is the right time to take photos and try to capture the moment. The special feeling is to climb down during the night and that's exactly what we are going to do! Upon arrival in the village where climbing ends we will enjoy dinner in local konoba. Departure to our camp and overnight. 

DAY 6. Hvar town - Pakleni islands - Jelsa

Today most of the day we will spend in town Hvar, very chic place, attractive to famous people, the epicenter of the summer parties. The nightlife is what attracts numerous young people from all over the world. Besides social life and  events it is beautiful and has a rich ancient history which, in the best sense, a core of old town reflects. We will have sightseeing and climb up the Fortica - fortress above city center that gives a gorgeous look to the busy port, boats, cafes and bars and view stretches on the heavenly blue sea! We will pick a fine restaurant and have lunch with a glass of great islands wine. After lunch, we will continue to the Pakleni Islands. And yes ! Besides Hvar, there is something equally beautiful! The Pakleni Islands are stunning, they are a favorite destination for the numerous water taxis departing from Hvar’s waterfront. Till evening hours, you will enjoy the Pakleni island's beaches, and be closest to paradise that you have ever been! At evening we return to Hvar, exploring, sightseeing, and heading to our camp in Jelsa. The Party animals can stay and feel the Hvar's nightlife vibe. Overnight is in tents in camp. 

DAY 7.  Jelsa - the day off

This is the day off, so you can explore as much as you like. You can pick activities in camp: playing tennis or miniature golf , enjoy evening entertainment program in camp , wonder along pine woods, visit other locations on the island, or just  give up to sun rays and healing sea.

DAY 8. Hvar - Vis

We are analyzing impressions off the past few days, collecting our tents, drinking coffee ... discussing last night's parties in Hvar. Until now we have more strength, bodies are firm from hiking, dark from sunbathing, salt is in our hair and will be for some long time after. Life is a creative process and we will continue to create by exploring and enjoying to the maximum! Today's great destination is island Vis. We are driving to Hvar from where we have a boat to Vis and for about two hours our group is already having a lunch listening to the stories about this remarkable island. Sightseeing is planned after lunch, and guide will make the introduction worthy of island. It is the most mysterious of all islands, the furthest island from the coast, untouched due to its long isolation. The afternoon is reserved for exploring, enjoying,swimming. Overnight is in tents in camp. 

DAY 9. Komiza - Bisevo island - Blue Cave 

Somehow people have the best night sleep when they sleep on the ground. It is a miracle how the energy of the Earth effects your system. Synchronized with the Earth, rested, calm and curious in the morning hours we are continuing to the town Komiza that is just across the Island. For twenty minutes we are in Komiza, fishermans small village , nested in the bay, with narrow, tiny streets, houses are squeezed together around the harbor like they all want a peace of the magnificent view. Here is the first Fisherman's museum, and the only one dedicated to the fisherman tools and life. From here  we will hop on the boat for Bisevo island - the small island that is distant less than an hour. Bisevo hides maybe the most valuable natural treasure - the Blue Cave. Its beauty is undescribable, beneath the crystal-blue water, rocks glimmer in white - silver shine, reflection of azure blue takes the breath away. At  late afternoon hours, we will be back to Komiza and taste local culinary specialties.

DAY 10.  Vis - Holy Spirit peak - Komiza 

We're waking up over a tasty coffee and thinking about all adventures behind us. After breakfast we are going  on the highest peak on Island - Holy Spirit. We will be walking along the goat paths , keep  to follow the macadam road along beautiful vineyards wide, dry walls, through the pine wood and macchia , and finally  after about three hours get to the Chapel of The Holy Spirit on the top.  Feeling is magnificant, it's like Komiza and the whole island is in our palms, between the blue clear sky and wide blue see. To come down from the top  falls hard to us but  tasty lunch in Komiza somehow makes it easier. After lunch, it's time to enjoy the sea on the amazing beach in silent and ancient Komiza. The power of mountains and the sea  is slowing down the time and makes this day unreal. It is dinner time and no one is happier than us, delicacies and wine are more than welcome! Overnight is in tents in camp.

DAY 11. Komiza - departure for Split - and of the tour 

Morning coffee and breakfast, and maybe piece of komiska pogaca - Komiza's flat cake. Do not accidentally replace Komiska pogaca and Viska pogaca because locals are making the big difference between those two and they can be seriously offended. So, we are all thinking about the and of this beautiful journey but no one has the courage to mention it. Well, we will enjoy in this special environment while it lasts, in lovely nature, funny friendly locals, sea waves, beaches from dreams. Every place is unique here, wherever you look you witness the countless faces of nature. After lunch we will hit the road for Vis and catch ferry for Split. Ferry traces convinced us that this is the end for real. We are leaving islands behind and planing the next visit. Addresses, numbers,pictures are accompanies you to the Split port at early evening hours. With the same contagious smile from the beginning of this story, revealing that everything is more than perfect! So, till next time jungle island crew! 


Price per person from 625,00 euros

Trip is arranged for smaller groups 

Dates of traveling : 10.09.2016.

*other dates for groups of 5 or more people available on request

This tour is adventurous, consisted mostly of hiking and walking - comfortable footwear and clothing are required plus good mood!

Price of Arrangement includes

  •   Organisation and guiding according to plan and programme
  •   Transfers according to the programme ( ferries, taxi boats, speedboat,buses)
  •    Overnight in camps, tents and basic equipment inside every tent

     Price of arrangement does NOT include:

  •    Meals during the day, guide will provide time for meals and advise locations according to guest's wishes
  •    All other activities which are planned by Guest and are not part of the programme  
  •    workshop* at the spot - wild edible and medicinal plants, on Hvar and Vis 

*workshop - the best way is to learn at the spot! this is unique possibility to use fruits of the earth. Most of the plants we are going to see are edible and have a healing properties. They can be used in teas, tinctures,infusions, decoctions, balms, as cooking spices,salads. In this course you will learn how to use them for medicinal purposes, as an emergency survival foods, for expanding your culinary knowledge and using fresh wild plants for first aid situations. You will also learn plant identification, ethical harvesting techniques and preserving wild edibles.


Best way is to contact us and we will workout details together !


Payment terms:

 Payment can be made immediately upon confirmation of the reservation, 30% of the total amount immediately upon confirmation of the reservation, while the rest of the payment of 70% of the amount should be paid at least 21 days before the beginning of the service. If booking is made within 21 days from the beginning of the service payments than payment must be made immediately upon reservation. Booking fee must be paid per every reservation 5 euros.

    •    payment can be made in euros or other currency on following account  IBAN HR5624840081106212173  Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d.

    •    confirmation of payment  will be sent on valid e mail adress

    •    transfer expenses will be covered by the customer fully


Registrations / reservations

    •    we reccomend early reservations due to limited number of participants

    •    upon reservation it is obligate to send scanned first page of the passport ( page  with the picture)

    •    upon contacting agency traveller will get all needed forms and informations


General notes:

  • Tour operator  is Neobična putovanja d.o.o., travel agency
  • Tour operator  reserves the right to change the specific content of the program
  • Tour operator  is not authorized and does not evaluate probity of travel and other documents
  • For all verbally given information agency does not hold responsibility
  • Signatory of the Travel Contract or representative of the group is obligated to present travel program, terms of payment and general terms and conditions for traveling with Neobična putovanja
  • Travelers are obligated to check exact time and place of departure.
  • Traveler is obligated to be familiar with the rules of  behavior of the country and to respect laws of the custom service
  • During transport in buses and minibusses, it is forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs
  • Travelers are obligated to stay in the buses on spots which are not predicted for a break (borders, checkpoint stations, pay tolls etc.) in a case of leaving the bus on these spots without previous agreement with tour guide traveler will bear consequences and all the costs he makes.
  • Passenger whose behavior is inadequate and disturbs other passengers or disrupts the drivers or tour guide in work will be immediately excluded from the trip and all the responsibility passes to him, without the right to appeal and refund
  • The passenger is obliged to respect the timetable given by the representatives of travel agencies, otherwise, a representative of the agency has the right to exclude passengers from traveling
  • The toilets are out of use in buses; in accordance with the program, breaks will take place in every 3-4 hours (depending on the location and equipment of gas stations)  so travelers can use of toilets on the stops.
  • The Agency determines the seating arrangement, the meeting point of departure, places and length of the breaks during the trip; by paying the transportation, the passenger accepts all of the above, without the right to object and appeal
  • In case of insufficient number of passengers for the realization of the arrangement or other objective circumstances, the agency informs passengers about the cancellation of the arrangement no later than 7 days before the departure date for multi day trips and 2 days before the departure date for day trips
  • For arrangements that include transport by plane, after buying the air tickets it is impossible to refund and in this case conditions of airlines are applied
  • In the arrangement involving the transport of low-cost airlines, in the case of a flight delay, cancellation or loss of connection passengers are required to pay their the newly created  costs and agency can not influence the circumstances that are beyond its scope
  • The low-cost arrangement price is susceptible to change and after the deposit is paid rates are checked and then price is confirmed to the passenger  
  • The Agency is not responsible for the changes in air connection done by airline company
  • The Agency reserves the right to select the means of transport for transfers and does them to the accommodation if it is physically possible
  • The tour operator reserves the right to change the agreed price before the trip due to changes in currency exchange rates or changes in the tariffs of the carrier and in cases prescribed by law
  •  For this arrangement apply Agency TERMS AND CONDITIONS
  • Notes concerning accommodation:
  • The tour operator, NEOBIČNA PUTOVANJA reserves the right to schedule the rooms, according to the structure of room accommodation facility; if possible, the agency tries to meet the wishes of passengers (please understand, since this is a journey of fun and adventure)
  • The accommodation facilities are entered on the first day of stay in accordance with the rules of the accommodation facility. The most common check-in is in the afternoon (14h or 15h), a check-out is on the last day of stay usually until 10h or 11h.
  • Descriptions of accommodation are informative only. For possible deviations and quality of services in the accommodation facilities, a tour operator is not responsible, because it depends solely on accommodation staff.
  • Some of the additional content of accommodation facility are available at extra cost. There is a possibility of variations and changes concerning the availability of certain content, it solely depends on the properties (eg. Safety deposit box, parking, mini-bar, TV, air conditioning ...)
  • The passenger is obliged to respect the rules of accommodation facility and bears sole responsibility due to sanctions by the staff of accommodation facility

Notes regarding optional trips:

  • Optional trips are not obligatory
  • Dates and prices of optional trips are variable and depend on the terms of free seats, the number of registered passengers and objective circumstances