Valley of the Lilac

Valley of the Lilac

Raska district is located in the southwestern part of the Republic. It includes the municipalities of Kraljevo, Vrnjacka Banja, Raska, Novi Pazar and Tutin. Throughout history, in this district  largest centers of Serbian medieval state were built: the monastery Studenica, Zica, Sopocani Monastery. In addition to cultural values, here are located some of the largest natural and tourism resorts of our country: the National Park Kopaonik and Vrnjačka spa.

Dušan’s dormitory and refectory Lux are located 3 kilometers from Raska, on the main road to Novi Pazar. Rooms have air condition, tv, bathroom. The service is based on overnight stay.



Day 1: Departure from Belgrade during the early morning hours. Driving trough the cities Gornji Milanovac, Čačak, Kraljevo, and Raška. Passing trough the Valley of the Lilac, famous for its story about Serbian medieval kingdom and the king Urosh’s love legacy towards queen Helen of Anjou. Thought winding paths and suspension bridge, the road leads us to the top of the hill where one of the most important Serbian medieval fortification is situated – fortress of Maglic, where one can enjoy amazing view of the Ibar river.

Following the paths of the medieval Serbia we arrive in the center of its episcopacy – Peter’s church in Stari Ras High on the mound, the church was a cult place and a sanctuary which abounds many Roman and Byzantine traces. Here Stefan Nemanja received Orthodox religion, married his wife Anna and baptized his youngest son Rastko Nemanjic.

The trip continues to Novi Pazar where we make lunch break. Our suggestion is Serbian meat specialty – ćevapi  which Novi Pazar is famous for. Leisure time. Overnight.

Day 2: During the afternoon hours we embark on a tour of the Studenica monastery, which testified and took part in making Serbian history through centuries. Monastery complex includes Bogorodica's church, King's church and Saint Nicola's church. For physically better-prepared travelers we plan climbing mountain trail to the rocky cliff over the Studenica river's canyon, where Sava's anchoress is situated for eight centuries. Anchoress represents unusual cave complex extended by slotting the rock, and then built of stones. Here exactly Saint Sava renewed his faith.

Our last destination is Žiča monastery. Here, surrounded by the fertile valley, we will hear the story of ,Žiča the red lady“ and realize why seven Serbian kings were crowned here.

Return in Belgrade during the evening hours.


Price per person: 56,00 euros

Date of travel : on request, it depends on number of participants

When applying the full amount must be paid.

Arrangement includes:

  • Complete organization and guidance of the trip
  • Transport by tourist bus or minibus equipped with air-condition and audio equipment
  • Overnight in the guest house
  • Tickets for Peter's church

Arrangement does not include:

  • Individual travel costs,
  • Food and beverage
  • Travel health insurance;


General notes:

  • Tour operator  is JUNGLE TRAVEL with license  OTP 266/2010.
  • Tour operator  reserves the right to change the specific content of the program
  • Tour operator  is not autorized and does not evaluate probity of travel and other documents
  • For all verbally given informations agency does not hold responsibility
  • Signatory of the Travel Contract or representativ of the group is obligated to present travel program, terms of payment and VIZIRANJE and GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR TRAVELING WITH JUNGLE TRAVEL
  • Travelers are obligated to check exact time and place of departure two days in advance.
  • Traveler is obligated to be familiar with the rules of  behavior of the country and to respect laws of the custom service
  • During transport in buses and minibuses it is forbidden tos more, drink alkohol or drugs
  • Travellers ara obligated to stay in the buses on spots which are not predicted for a break (borders, check point stations, pay tolls ect.) in case of living the bus on these spots without previos agremant with tour guide traveler will bear consequences and all the costs he makes.
  • Passenger whose behavior is inadequate and disturbs other passengers or disrupts the drivers or tour guide in work, will be immediately excluded from the trip and all the responsibility passes to him, without the right to appeal and refund
  • The passenger is obliged to respect the timetable given by the representatives of travel agencies, otherwise a representative of the agency has the right to exclude passengers from traveling
  • The toilets are out of use in buses; in accordance with the program breaks will take place in every  3-4 hours (depending on the location and equipment of gas stations)  so travelers can use of toilets on the stops.
  • The Agency determines the seating arrangement, the meetingpoint for departure, places and lenght of the breakes during the trip; by paying the transportation, the passenger accepts all of the above, without the right to object and appeal
  • The arrangement was made on the basis of a minimum of 10 passengers on distant destinations and 50 passengers for European destinations
  • In case of insufficient number of passengers for the realization of the arrangement or other objective circumstances, the agency informs passengers about the cancellation of the arrangement no later than 10 days before the departure date for distant destinations and 5 days before the departure date for European destinations
  • For arrangements that include transport by plane, after buying the air tickets it is impossible to refund and in this case conditions of airlines are applyed
  • In the arrangement involving the transport of low cost airlines, in the case of a flight delay, cancellation or loss of connection passengers are required to pay their the newly created  costs and agency can not influence the circumstances that are beyond its scope
  • The low cost arrangement price is susceptible to change and after the advance is paid rates are checked and than price is confirmed to the passanger  
  • The Agency is not responsible for the changes in air connection done by airline company
  • The Agency reserves the right to select the means of transport for transfers and does them to the accommodation if it is physically possible
  • The tour operator reserves the right to change the agreed price before the trip due to changes in currency exchange rates or changes in the tariffs of the carrier and in cases prescribed by law
  •  For this arrangement apply TERMS AND CONDITIONS comply with the standards of YUTA
  • Notes concerning accommodation:
  • The tour operator, JUNGLE TRAVEL reserves the right to schedule the rooms, according to the structure of room accommodation facility; if possible, the agency  tries to meet the wishes of passengers (please understand, since this is a journey of fun and adventure)
  • The accommodation facilities are entered on the first day of stay in accordance with the rules of the accommodation facility. The most common check-in is in the afternoon (14h or 15h), a check-out is on the last day of stay usually until 10h or 11h.
  • Descriptions of accomodation is informative only. For possible deviations and quality of services in the accommodation facilities, a tour operator is not responsible, because it depends solely of accomodation staff.
  • Some of the additional content of accommodation facility are available at extra cost. There is a possibility of variations and changes concerning the availability of certain content, it solely depends on the properties (eg. Safety deposit box, parking, mini-bar, TV, air conditioning ...)
  • The passenger is obliged to respect the rules of accommodation facility and bears sole responsibility due to sanctions by the staff of accommodation facility

Notes regarding facultative trips:

  • Facultative trips are optional part of the journey
  • Dates and prices of facultative trips are variable and depend on the terms of free sites, the number of registered passengers and objective circumstances

Notes relating to visas:

  • Passengers are required to familiarize themselves with visa requirements of the destination country
  • Some Embassy require the personal presence of passengers and passengers are required to comply with the rules of the Embassy
  • Passengers are required to deliver documents required for visa not later than one month before the trip, and if they are not submitted within the specified period, are required to provide their own visa to travel
  • Passengers who do not have the new biometric passports of the Republic of Serbia are obliged to familiarize themselves with visa procedures of the destination country and must provide their own visa to travel
  • The Agency does not guarantee a visa and is not empowered to determine the validity of documents
  • In case of failure to get a visa agency is not responsible